The Meeting Room Booking App Tutorial: Creating the Bookings API with Express and MongoDB

In this article we continue building the Meeting Room Booking app.  Our goal this time is to create the server-side modules that send the list of meeting room bookings to the mobile app. We’re building this API with Express and MongoDB.

The bookings list retrieval will happen frequently, as users will start their interaction with the app from the “My Bookings” Screen, where they are taken after a successful logon.


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User Authentication in a jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap Application

User authentication in a PhoneGap application

This article shows you how to implement user authentication in a jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap application. We will use the Meeting Room Booking app as the sample application for this tutorial. User registration (which we added in the previous chapter of this series) and authentication are the door that users have to go into the application.

The authentication feature has two subsystems that work together. One lives inside the mobile application and captures the user’s credentials, performs a first round of validation, and sends the credentials to the server.

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