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What people are saying

“I finished reading your book a few days after I bought it. Your book is extremely well written. Very detailed and organized. I used what I learned to build a jquery mobile phonegap app for android. I just released the app to the google playstore.”

Donna, via email

“Jorge Ramon makes writing your own app a piece of cake. As a person not with not a large amount of javascript experience I found the book educational and informative. Ramon takes a systematic approach explaining the logic of the code, as he walks you through creating your simple app. and styling it with jQuery theme roller. He also shows how to write tests for every step along the way. While the app focuses on client side app development, Ramon briefly shows, with code, how the app can sync with a server and offers both php and C# code examples. This is the perfect book for someone just getting started with jQuery application development. I will definitely be referring back to this book.”

Jon Stieglitz @jonstieglitz, Lansing Web Design

“The book was very easy to follow, I liked way you explained the steps in detail, also thought the “where you are” section was great. The error explanations with the test suite were very detailed. Overall, I think this was a great book. This is how I usually like a book. Some books just have a lot of reading and not enough samples to follow.”

David Liebman, bisqldave.com

“This is exactly what I was looking for. Wonderfully crafted tutorial, with source code…. thanks a bunch!!”

Steve, via comment on MiamiCoder.com

“I couldn’t stop until I got through this whole series. I really enjoyed following along with your approach, and I especially like your use of mockups, BDD and refactoring as you go. This was just awesome, thank you.”

BumbleB2na, via comment on MiamiCoder.com

“Great tutorial, thanks Jorge. I’ll use it in my class.”

Eric, via comment on MiamiCoder.com

“This is a tremendously helpful tutorial and I appreciate all the effort you put into this.”

Scott M., via comment on MiamiCoder.com

“This is really cool. Got started with Jquery Mobile on the fly and Jasmine at the same time. Very easy to follow.”

oluwaseun, via comment on MiamiCoder.com

I wrote How to Build a jQuery Mobile Application to help you learn how to create apps with jQuery Mobile. The book will guide you, step by step, through the process of building a jQuery Mobile application. If you like to learn by doing, this is a book for you.

Besides helping you learn jQuery Mobile in a short time, the book will give you comprehensive advice that you can use when developing your own applications.

This Book is Unique

My jQuery Mobile tutorials and this book are what I would have liked to have when I started learning jQuery Mobile. These are some of the reasons why this book is unique:

  • It is not a rehash of the jQuery Mobile documentation.
  • It takes you from zero to working app without assuming that you have previous knowledge of jQuery Mobile.
  • It is written in a style that you can understand, with clear explanations and examples.
  • It is concise and to the point. You can read it and be ready to write your own apps within a week.
  • It comes with full source code for each chapter and the finished app. And the source code works.
  • You can contact the author (me!) directly if you have comments or questions.

What You Will Learn

The book will teach you the essential skills you need to succeed developing apps with jQuery Mobile. Here’s a summary:

  • jQuery Mobile pages, dialogs, and navigation
  • List view and master-detail user interfaces
  • Capturing user input with form elements
  • Saving application data on the device
  • Synchronizing application data with a server
  • Separation of business logic from user interface


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What’s Inside

Chapter 1: Introducing the Notes Application

  • What You Will Learn In this Book
  • The Development Approach
  • Features of the Notes App
  • Designing the Notes List
  • Designing the Note Editor
  • Where Are We?

Chapter 2: Creating The Notes List

  • What You Will Learn In This Chapter
  • The Application’s Directories and Files
  • How jQuery Mobile Works
  • The Notes List jQuery Mobile Page
  • Defining the Controller Module
  • How To Execute Code after A jQuery Mobile Page Loads
  • Creating a jQuery Mobile List Programmatically
  • Where Are We?

Chapter 3: Retrieving and Rendering Cached Notes

  • What You Will Learn In This Chapter
  • Defining And Testing the Application’s Business Logic
  • Getting Ready to Use Jasmine
  • The dataContext Module
  • The Note Model
  • Retrieving Cached Notes from Local Storage
  • Testing With Data by Retrieving a List of Dummy Notes
  • Rendering Cached Notes
  • How to Style List Items
  • Grouping Notes By Date
  • Where Are We?

Chapter 4: Creating the Note Editor Page

  • What You Will Learn In This Chapter
  • Creating the Note Editor Page
  • Loading a Note in the Editor
  • Saving a Note
  • Getting Ready to Validate a Data Model
  • How to Create a Dialog With jQuery Mobile
  • Creating a Confirmation Dialog
  • Deleting a Note
  • Using a Custom Theme Swatch in jQuery Mobile
  • Where Are We?

Chapter 5: Synchronizing With the Server

  • What You Will Learn In This Chapter
  • How Synchronization Will Work
  • Creating a Tap Handler for the Sync Button
  • Changing jQuery Mobile’s Default Loading Message
  • Creating a Test for An Asynchronous Operation
  • Passing a Server URL to The dataContext Module
  • Beginning the Notes Synchronization
  • Adding Synchronization Time Stamps to the Note Model
  • Parsing Synchronization Results Sent By the Server
  • Using an Icon to Indicate a Note’s Sync Status
  • The Server-Side Code, PHP Version
  • The Server-Side Code, C# Version
  • Where Are We?
  • We Made It!
  • Keep in Touch

No Risk – 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the book for any reason, please let me know via email (miamicoder[AT]gmail.com) within 60 days of the date of purchase and I will refund your purchase price in full, no questions asked.

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

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About the Author

Jorge is also the author of Building a Sencha Touch Application and the Ext JS 3.0 Cookbook. He runs the popular MiamiCoder.com blog, and owns a software development and developer education shop that focuses on mobile, web and desktop technologies.