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What Readers Are Saying

“This e-book is THE first place to start for learning Sencha Touch. After several days of poking through examples this book had me up and running within a few hours and now I am on my way to developing enterprise level applications used by over 80,000 users. This book is a MUST for starting with Sencha Touch.”    – Peter Douglas

“I discovered your Sencha Touch 2 tutorials online and it’s the first thing that connected all the dots for me, even after trying another Sencha Touch 2 book (which shall remain nameless) from a major publisher. I think I was all set with just the tutorials, but I bought the book just to support your work. I’m glad I did, because there are even more great details in the book. Thanks!”    – David Thibault

“Thank you for writing this guide in such a beginner-friendly fashion. Great that you explain what each step does, and why we do it.”    – Ben, via comment on

“Thanks for sharing such a well written and clearly presented Sencha Touch tutorial, Jorge.”    – Sam Croft

“By far the best Touch 2 example I have seen.”    – BillyB, via comment on

“Really awesome post. It’s hard to find good articles on 2. I’m just starting with sencha touch.”    – Paul, via comment on

“This has been an exceptional help in learning Sencha Touch MVC applications.”    – Aishwarya Sharma, via comment on

“Thanks a lot for the tutorial. It was really helpful and well explained. A very nice start for the Sencha Touch technology.”    – Juan Carlos Morales, via comment on

Learn how to create a Sencha Touch application with the latest version of Sencha Touch – step by step, from design to production-ready app.

If you are new to Sencha Touch or are already familiar with this Framework but have not built an entire application by yourself, this is a great book for you.

Learn Sencha Touch the Painless Way

If you are learning Sencha Touch, you are likely going through some pains and frustrations. I have been there. I know that it is easy to find docs and examples that are hard to understand and poorly explained.

This book is what I would have liked to have when I started learning Sencha Touch. I guarantee that it will help you learn quickly and painlessly.

This is why you will love this eBook:

  • No prior knowledge required. You do not need to have prior knowledge of Sencha Touch. You will find all you need to know to go from zero to a working app in the book.
  • Original content. You will not get bored reading tons of framework references because the book is not a rehash of the Sencha Touch documentation.
  • Loaded with pictures and examples. You will not find yourself wondering how something in the book works. The book is written in a style that you can understand, with clear explanations and examples.
  • No fluff. You will not spend hours and hours reading through irrelevant stuff. The book is concise and to the point. You can read it and be ready to write your own apps within a couple of days.
  • Working source code. You will not get headaches trying to make the source code work. The book comes with full source code for each chapter and the finished app. And the source code works!
  • Direct access to the author. You are not alone. You can contact me directly if you have comments or questions.

What You Will Learn

Building a Sencha Touch Application is a Sencha Touch book that covers the foundations of any mobile web application, which include user interface, input validation, data management, communications with the server, packaging and deployment.

Specifically, the book will teach you the following topics:

  • The building blocks of a Sencha Touch application.
  • How to implement the Model-View-Controller pattern in a Sencha Touch application.
  • How to create an application with multiple views, and how to implement intuitive navigation patterns.
  • How to create list-based and master-detail user interfaces in a Sencha Touch application.
  • How to use Sencha Touch forms to capture and validate user input.
  • How a Sencha Touch app leverages HTML5 local storage to save data on the device.
  • How to scaffold a Sencha Touch project, minify, and deploy your application to production using Sencha Cmd.

Chapters List

Chapter 1: Introducing the Notes App

  • What we will learn in this chapter
  • The features of the Notes app
  • What is a Sencha Touch application?
  • Designing the NotesList view
  • Designing the NoteEditor view
  • The Viewport
  • What you need to start developing with Sencha Touch
  • The application’s directories and files
  • Creating the Application instance
  • Where are we?

Chapter 2: Rendering Cached Notes

  • What we will learn in this chapter
  • Defining a view in Sencha Touch
  • Adding the view to the application
  • Configuring the notes list
  • A data model for notes
  • Defining model validations
  • The Notes store
  • Binding the notes list to the store
  • Styling list items
  • Where are we?

Chapter 3: Creating the Controller

  • What we will learn in this chapter
  • Publishing an event when a toolbar button is tapped
  • Advantages of creating custom events in a view
  • Publishing an event when a list item is tapped
  • Defining and instantiating a controller
  • How controllers listen to view events
  • Where are we?
Chapter 4: Loading Notes into the Editor

  • What we will learn in this chapter
  • Creating a form in Sencha Touch
  • Loading a new note
  • Editing an existing note
  • Publishing events from the Note Editor view
  • Where are we?

Chapter 5: Saving Notes

  • What we will learn in this chapter
  • Using a localStorage proxy in Sencha Touch
  • Handling Note Editor events in the controller
  • Model validation in Sencha Touch
  • Saving notes on the device
  • Returning to the main view
  • Where are we?

Chapter 6: Deleting Notes

  • What we will learn in this chapter
  • Deleting notes
  • Hooking up the Home button
  • Rendering notes grouped by creation date

Chapter 7: Creating a Production Build

  • What we will learn in this chapter
  • Installing Sencha Cmd
  • Installing Compass
  • Creating a scaffold for a production build
  • Populating the scaffold with the Notes app’s source code
  • Generating a production build
  • We made it!

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The Author

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